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Long legged Nikki Venom does not have patience for her nerdy stepbrother. All she has on her mind is his hard cock, but the lame guy only wants to play video games all day long. She tries everything to seduce this guy, but nothing seems to be working. She flirts with him seductively, flashes her sexy underwear, she even pulls up her shirt to expose her perfect tits. But nothing seems to break this guys focus! But Nikki does not give up that easily. Everybody knows that this dark haired princess makes sure she always gets what she wants. She bends down in front of her oblivious stepbrother and shows off her tight teen pussy and fat ass. Her twat is completely bald! And yet still, the guy will not take his eyes off the TV screen. Finally, Nikki has had enough. She slides her hand up her stepbrothers leg and makes her way towards his crotch. That gets the guy to pay attention, at least a little. She rubs his cock through his jeans and gets it stiff. Then, she gets down on her knees and slips the head of his prick between he wet lips. She bobs her head on his dong, letting it go deeper and deeper into her throat. Then, she climbs up on him and sits on his thick cock, bouncing up and down while he continues to play his dumb game! She even gets him to stroke inside her sweet pussy while she spreads her legs wide for an intense fuck. It does not really seem to matter to Nikki if her stepbrother pays attention to her. As long as he continues to stuff her vag full of hard cock, she has everything she needs. This has definitely turned into a hot family affair!»

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Added on: septiembre 17, 2023

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