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Bright and bubbly MILF Kyaa Chimera is all smiles and sunshine this morning, but her lazy stepson does not want to get out of bed. To give the slouch some spring in his step, she whips the blankets off to find that he has a stiff boner and some cum in his underwear! She wants to show her boy how to have confidence with girls, so she slurps his girthy dick and offers up her tight MILF pussy. Later, she makes breakfast for her stepson and asks him about girls at school. He has not been having any luck, so she gives him another sensual lesson, sucking his dick under the breakfast table. Later, Kyaa catches her stepson jerking off, but she wants him to learn how to please a real life pussy. She bends over and lets him stroke inside her until he shoots a load of sperm into her panties. What an instructive stepmom!»

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Added on: septiembre 20, 2023

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