Coco Gets Deeply Creative In Class Coco Lovelock Tommy Pistol New Sensations


What a blast in class it was for bubbly blonde cheerleader and creative writer Coco Lovelock. But not for her professor T. Pistol. He is not happy, nor will he approve of her “so called writing”, calling it filthy porn and not good. So Coco does what she does best, letting him know she has been thinking long and hard about his balls slapping her wet pussy as he is balls deep inside her hot, tight teen pussy and especially when both his balls and cock are swallowed by her cock-hungry mouth! With that being said, Coco gets her professor in such a fuck frenzy as she gets in the crazy creative positions that get her pink pussy cumming and his cock exploding loads all over her pretty little face! – INTERACTIVE TOY READY!»

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Added on: enero 11, 2024

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