Concept: Power Play Freya Von Doom Team Skeet


What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? We love getting wild with our experiments, and we’re always trying out new things. We know we’ve got some kinky fans, so for this Labs, we’re doing “Power Play,” a concept all about domination fetishes. In this scene, the stunning Freya Von Doom asserts her power over Sergeant Miles. Freya pulls the muscle stud out of his cage and steps all over him with her pointed heels. She is in total control and makes Miles her personal sex toy. Miles has no issue staying hard as Freya whips his cock and balls. When Freya is ready for cock, she makes Miles fuck her hard until he gives her a hot load. When she’s finished, she puts Miles away until she’s hungry for more.»

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Added on: enero 12, 2024

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