College Campaigners Love Anal Gem Jewels J. Mac Khloe Kapri Reality Kings


Competition for class president is heating up, and Khloe Kapri and her rival Gem Jewels are both out campaigning. Gem knocks on Jmac’s door, and although he says he’s not voting, when she shows him her tits he invites her inside. Jmac spanks Gem’s big ass and rubs his dick against it, but as he’s fucking her doggystyle, Khloe bursts in and gets mad that the curly-haired babe is stealing her votes! The girls start fighting but find some common ground over how hot they are, and soon lucky Jmac gets to watch them lick each other and get his dick ridden. These student body presidential hopefuls even let him fuck their asses!»

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Added on: enero 17, 2024

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