Oily Pool Sex With Rissa May Derek Savage Rissa May Bang Bros


We’re having fun in the sun! Rissa May loves to show off her body at the pool and we’re all here for it. She likes to use oil to tan in the sun and the way her skin glistens in the light makes me want to lick it all off. Rissa’s tits are so big that her bikini can barely hold them in but no worries as Risa takes the bikini off and lets her big tits get kissed by the sun. She touches herself all over until our boy Derek comes in to offer assistance. Rissa loves the way Derek gives her a back rub and it makes her feel so good that she strips her bikini off and rubs her bare big ass all over Derek’s chest. She couldn’t hold it any longer and begged to oil up Derek’s cock and it didn’t take long for the Rissa to slip Derek’s dick into her wet pussy. Rissa’s body is made to fuck, just look at the way her ass and tits jiggle up and down. Looking at Rissa May’s tits during missionary makes my dick harder than a rock, just the way they look with oil is perfect. Derek’s a lucky man for fucking one of Bang Bro’s hottest chicks.»

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Added on: enero 17, 2024

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