Trick or Threesome Jade Kimiko Kylie Shay Dad Crush


Kylie feels self-conscious about going to a party, but her stepdad, Jay, attempts to change her mind. He massages her stunning, massive tits and pinches her perfectly perky nipples. Both of them are turned on but know they shouldn’t fool around with each other. Later on, Kylie’s friend Jade visits and wants to know how Jay convinced Kylie to go to the party. Jade notices Jay’s cock getting hard and wants a closer peek, and better yet, wants to know how it feels in her mouth. They think they’re sneaky, but Kylie catches them and confronts Jay. The best solution? A raunchy, super-taboo threesome. This lucky stepdad gets to fuck his own stepdaughter as well as her super hot friend. This is a Halloween treat that everyone can enjoy!»

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Added on: enero 18, 2024

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