Cock-Summoning Spell Khloe Kingsley Summer Col Daughter Swap


Wednesday (Summer Col) and Enid (Khloe Kingsley) have become very close after sharing a room for the semester. Their bond is so strong that you could call them “Scissor Sisters”. Despite being total opposites and disagreeing on everything, they have become quite dependent on each other. Lately, Wednesday has been acting more and more distant, so Enid confronts her about it. Wednesday tells her friend that she is getting bored of rubbing pussies and is seriously needing some cock. The lack of manly cock in their school leads the girls to use dark magic to summon some real men to please their eager pussies. Yet something goes wrong with their spell and instead of summoning some young hot boy toys, they accidentally summon their stepdads. Being the good stepfathers that they are, the two men are willing to do what it takes to make their little girls happy.»

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Added on: enero 18, 2024

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