Step Sibling’s Pact Laya Rae Logan Xander Bang Bros


Laya is cheating on her boyfriend, her new step brother, Logan Xander, over hears this and tells her to do his chores in return for his silence. However, as she’s doing his chores he can’t help himself but just sit there and watch as she cleans around the house. Eventually, Laya gets fed up and tells him to the chores himself and she doesn’t care if her boyfriend finds out. Later that day, Logan heads to her room to apologize. However, he accidentally walks in on her naked. They’re both shocked at first but they soon agree that fucking each other wouldn’t be such a bad idea. She’s already cheating on her boyfriend, so cheating once more wouldn’t make a difference. Laya pulls her new step brother’s cock out and begins sucking it. From there, she hops on his dick stretching her tight hole with every stroke until he busts all over her face.»

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Added on: enero 19, 2024

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