Lifting the Holiday Spirit Aria Banks Asia Lee Daughter Swap


Eric and Jack simply aren’t feeling the holiday cheer this year. With divorce and other looming distractions, they can’t seem to find their festive spirit. Concerned and wanting to help, their stepdaughters, Aria and Asia, want to help turn their frowns upside down. They devise a brilliant idea – they’ll hide in big boxes under the tree and set up glory holes for their stepdads. The plan goes smoother than butter, and Eric and Jack love getting their cocks sucked in the mystery holes. But now that they’ve had their fun, Aria and Asia want their fun, too. The guys whip out their cocks again, and this time, the girls get to go for a ride. Christmas spirits are looking way up, and it’s all thanks to the gift of fucking.»

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Added on: enero 19, 2024

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