Old Man And The Cassie Cassie Lenoir Tony Rubino Bang Bros


Riding around on a raining day here, we pull up on Cassie. This white girl got all kind of ass busting out her cheeky shorts. Her tiddies are heavy too, so you know we have to get her on the bus. We make fun at Tony Rubino’s expense today as she jokes about him being old. 500 got her on the bus and another thousand got her naked. She seemed really fun, so Tony “tripped and fell” on her with his dick out. She was amused, and more than willing to suck it. She even let the old man pound her pussy out for a bit. Her big ass just rippling everywhere with each thrust. I told her she would make a great talent and should do more porn. She was excited that she could get paid for something she is good at. I hope she takes us up on that offer, cause I don’t want this to be the last time we see that phat ass and those juicy tiddies.»

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Added on: enero 20, 2024

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