A Body Maid For Fucking Jay Bangher Luna Luxe Bang Bros


So I just wanted my placed cleaned, but when I open the door I was not expecting who they sent to be so damn fine. Luna came to clean and all I could think about was how her tight fit body was making me so horny, and how warm her pussy probably feels. As she was cleaning you know I had to try, I offered her a few dollars. After being hesitant she accepted and continued to clean naked. Now my dick went from hard to throbbing she is so hot. I had to start stroking to her. I’m only a man. She caught me and was about to bail. I let her know she is insanely fine, and if she would just help me out to completion I would give her anything she wanted. She said ok and it was on. It was just as tight and warm as I imagined. I fucked her amazing body good and deep and came all over her face like a common slut. She actually thanked me. I was like no problem, you can clean my place everyday if you want.»

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Added on: enero 20, 2024

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