New Year, New Friend Cece Mecta Graycee Baybee Free Use Fantasy


It’s time for the New Year’s party, and Calvin and Graycee are working hard to get the house together. Graycee discovers that Calvin has invited his ex-wife, Cece, to the party, and she is less than thrilled, to say the least. Calvin assures Graycee that it’s okay and Cece is part of the family. But when Cece, Jimmy, and Riley show up for the party, Graycee makes it known that Calvin is her man. Cece doesn’t just sit back and take it, though. She puts herself out there and shows she still can please her ex-husband. Soon, Graycee and Cece learn they have a common ground and that Calvin can sometimes be a blockhead of a husband, always buying the wrong kind of cakes. The milfs work together for the first time and get a big load on their faces just in time for the new year!»

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Added on: enero 20, 2024

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