Our Own Private Show Mandy Waters Misty Meaner Mom Swap


Berry is watching porn on the couch when he notices something funny – Carlos’s stepmom, Misty, is in the video! Berry’s shock is amplified when the other woman in the video is HIS stepmom, Mandy. The women are showering together, soaping each other up and feeling each other’s tits. The boys recognize the shower as the one in their house, so they investigate the situation. Sure enough, the two milfy babes are in the shower together, now being watched by their stepsons. Mandy rubs Misty’s clit until she squirts hard and screams out in pleasure. But the boys are seen by their stepmoms and flee back to the living room. Now, Mandy and Misty need to lecture their stepsons and do whatever they can to keep this a secret. The solution? Berry and Carlos will get their own private show! This little stint turns into a full-blown fuck sesh! Eventually, fucking each other’s stepsons isn’t enough, and Mandy wants a taste of her own stepson’s cock. Misty needs more convincing before they can have a proper Mom Swap, but rest assured, you know she’s horny enough to come around.»

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Added on: enero 20, 2024

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